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Our Purpose

GITT Sector

GITT Sector is a web portal created specifically to frame and centralize a new concept within Tourism: Governmental and Institutional Travel & Tourism – GITT.

GITT is understood to be all those trips and activities carried out by the representatives of the different Governmental Institutions in the diplomatic missions and actions of protocol or representation of their respective countries in the exercise of their functions. These relations -diplomatic, economic, cultural, etc.- between different countries, territories, institutions or organizations are managed, on a regular basis, through bilateral meetings, multilateral summits, forums or events, among others. Hence the need for government and institutional members to travel to a destination other than their place of residence.

Tourism Optimizer Platform (TOP) has identified the particularities in terms of requirements of this type of travel, coordinating the necessary actions for the standardization of GITT trips, investigating how they work, both general and particular characteristics, and identifying the rest of the agents intervening in the GITT sector. TOP has developed the GITT international Standard -GITT Standard-, which regulates and technifies the flows and behavior of governments and large institutions in each of their trips, developed in this diplomatic and plenipotentiary environment.

This portal has been created with the following fundamental objectives with respect to the GITT sector:

- To increase the awareness of events and information of high importance for all stakeholders involved in this new sector – destinations, suppliers and GITT customers-;

- To share knowledge on certain relevant issues that represent a contribution to its development;

- As well as to highlight the differences between this new concept of tourism and the others identified so far.

To this end, a tourism observatory has been established for the research and dissemination of the sector, which will publish the results obtained from the investigations, thus making a great contribution to the development of the sector.

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Viajes de gobiernos y grandes instituciones. Un sector con unas necesidades especiales por su propia naturaleza y categoría y rango de sus viajeros

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