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Tourism Observatory

Tourism Observatory

The "GITT Sector Tourism Observatory" is the think-tank for international and strategic investigation of the Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism (GITT) sector. Our objective is to promote and develop the knowledge of this new GITT sector through a forum of analysis and debate, which will allow the introduction of new knowledge, ideas, thoughts, as well as reflections that will be useful for the decision making process of the different intervening agents that participate in this typology of travels.

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Areas of activity


Security and health correspond to various areas as far as government and institutional travel is concerned. However, the coronavirus crisis can be a starting point to reflect on new elements to be taken into account in relation to the security of the Delegation members.


The new preventive measures will contribute to the restructuring of the protocol norms in the short and medium term. Professionals in the sector must carry out an in-depth study to make the existing protocol norms compatible with health needs.

Impact on destination

The COVID-19 has caused a worldwide halt in the movement of people, leading to a great decline in tourism activity in all its forms and destinations. In addition, the economies of the various countries affected by the pandemic have fallen to a greater or lesser extent and their GDPs have been equally affected, increasing the impact of the disease on destinations.

Impact on suppliers

Due to the economic standstill that has occurred in many countries, caused by the confinement measures taken by their governments in relation to the COVID-19, the tourism providers that participate in governmental and institutional travel have been affected, not only by the obligation to cease their activity, but also by the paralysis in the movement of people, both nationally and internationally.


This crisis poses new problems, new objectives. In this sense, certain events may have a slot in the updated international agenda, which aim to provide solutions to the challenges that arise from now on.


Communication becomes essential in a state of crisis. Society demands transparency, reliable means to ensure truthful and verifiable information. This is also true for government and institutional travel, and is now even more important.

Sustainable Tourism

The impact of the health crisis on tourism is clear. With a view to reopening tourism activity, it is necessary to assess essential aspects related to the sustainability of the sector. The situation we are facing requires a systematic evolution and change in tourism structures.


Diplomatic relations now have a fundamental role to play in restoring the links that may have been damaged or paralysed by the crisis. A significant increase in government and institutional travel to meet these objectives is foreseeable.

International Relations and Cooperation

As a consequence of the situation caused by the COVID19 , governments and institutions are carrying out a series of actions and measures that will have an impact on political and trade relations between countries and institutions; analysis of discontent and gratitude for a substantial change in the international political map.


The crisis management has been different in each territory. The responsibilities and successes arising from this situation may have consequences at the institutional and organizational level. This crisis can lead to important changes in the internal structure of countries, as well as in public figures and leaders during this crisis situation.

Travel Economy

It is necessary to assess whether the impact on the global economy will have an effect on the specific economy of government and institutional travel. This could result in the introduction of new control measures on budgets, guarantees or any other aspect relating to the finances of a GITT travel.


We can draw clear conclusions from this situation, mainly in the health field. Government and institutional travel are facing new challenges in terms of health, and an analysis of the changes required in this area is necessary. It is essential to propose the study of new measures that should shape and govern actions in this area.


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